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To sign up for Club J classes, use the Club J Participation Forms available at the Front Desk or in the Children’s Department to select your enrichments. Since you are already enrolled in Club J, please do not register online.

The final deadline to register for all enrichment classes is two weeks after class start date. No classes will be pro-rated due to late registration. *Enrichment classes require a minimum enrollment of five children.

Club J Enrichments Week-At-A-Glance
Spring 2014

TIME Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
3:45-4:30 Homework (1-5) Computer Lab Homework (1-5) Computer Lab Homework (1-5) Homework (1-5)
3:45-4:30 Golf * (2-5) Kickball (2-5) Capture the Flag (2-5) Sport-a-Day (K-1)
3:45-4:30 Amazing Legos (K-1) Storytelling (K-1) Scientific Surprises* (K-1) Choosing Cheese* (2-5)
3:45-4:30 Healthy Kids (K-1) Radical Recorders* (2-5) Super Artists (K-5) Musical Theater (K-5)
3:45-4:30 Mitzvah Club (K-5) Bhuya Yoga (K-1) Line Dancing (K-5) Zumba (K-5)
3:45-4:30 *Classes with (*) have a materials fee Modern Collage w/Lynne* (K-5) Chess for Beginners (K-5) Art Around the World w/Lynne* (K-5)
TIME Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
4:45-5:30 Homework (1-5) Homework (1-5) Homework (1-5) Homework (1-5)
4:45-5:30 Gaga (K-1) Sockeyball (K-1) Kickball (K-1) Sport-a-Day (2-5)
4:45-5:30 Amazing Legos (2-5) World Flag Art* (K-1) Scientific Surprises* (2-5) Choosing Cheese* (2-5)
4:45-5:30 Healthy Kids (2-5) Radical Recorders* (K-1) Balloon Animals (K-5) Fashion & Costume (K-5)
4:45-5:30 Modern Music (K-5) Bhuya Yoga (2-5) Cheer (K-5) Hip Hop (K-5)
4:45-5:30 Art Technique w/Lynne* (K-5) Aquamania (K-5) Chess Competition (K-5) Aquamania (K-5)

No enrichments on Fridays — enjoy Friday Shabbat Experience/Fun Day.

Club J Admissions forms:

Your $35 registration fee holds your spot in Club J.  As a reminder we use our JCC bus to pick students up from Newport Coast Elementary School, Andersen Elementary School and Bonita Canyon.  We walk the children from Tarbut V’Torah and Vista Verde.

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