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Swim Lessons All Ages

Introducing the Merage JCC Swim Academy

The new Merage JCC Swim Academy introduces children and adults to an innovative and progressive way of teaching swimming. Swimmers are taught how to move with a strong sense of dynamics in the water, with the proper placement of arms and legs, and a balanced body. By understanding movement in the water and placement of their bodies, students learn the subtleties that improve feel for the water. Emphasis is placed on the correct direction of all movements connecting one movement to another learned in stages. At the end of each stage, each child will receive a stage completion certificate indicating his/her individual skill achievements.

Swim lessons are offered throughout the day and evening and can be arranged by calling the Aquatics Office Instructors will work with you or your children to create an individualized program that meets and your child’s specific needs. We will be happy to try to accommodate requests for new classes.

  View tips on how to use a kickboard.

View a PDF of our Swim program brochure: swim academy brochure 2012

Cancellation Policy: Please reschedule within 24 hours of the lesson. Packages expire 1 year from purchase.

Children’s Private Swim Lessons Stages 1-5, Ages 3+
Day and time to be scheduled with the Aquatics Center. Members only, $232 for eight 20-minute sessions, $288 for eight 30-minute sessions.
Private lessons are an outstanding way to further your child’s ability at his/her own pace. We specialize in individual attention through one-on-one teaching with our staff, who will design lessons to fit a swimmer’s needs and learning style.

Children’s Semi-Private Swim Lessons Stages 1-5, Age 3+
Day and time to be scheduled with the Aquatics Center. Members only, $160 for eight 20-minute sessions, $192 for eight 30-minute sessions.
Semi-Private lessons are an outstanding way to further your child’s ability with a friend or sibling. This is a Create-A-Class program offers lessons tailored to your lifestyle. Swimming is more fun with a buddy, and a lesson package makes a great gift.

Specialized Swim Lessons
Day and time to be scheduled with the Aquatics Center. Members only, $145 for five 20-minute sessions, $180 for five 30-minute sessions.
We have specialized classes for children who have great fear and apprehension of the water, and for children with special needs. Beginning with basic water safety, our experienced instructors guide children to feel safe and comfortable in the water as they learn to be confident swimmers.

Please note: Make ups are not provided for group lesson absences. Schedule with the Aquatics Center.

The Merage JCC WAVES swimming team offers competitive and non-competitive tracks for swimmers to follow once they finish with swim lessons.


To Schedule Swim Lessons: Please contact the Aquatics Office by calling (949) 435-3400, ext. 132 or email

Adult Swimmers: Introducing the Swim Academy Spot Training

Our instructors will spot your habits, improve your skills and introduce you to the latest techniques in the pool. Spot Training uses a 5-week training burst to teach skills from a menu of choices or possibilities for your personal growth in the water.

Pick from the following 12 choices:
• 0-1 mile in 5 weeks
• Balance & body alignment
• 1 mile to 2.4 miles in 5 weeks
• Best “practices” in the pool
• Interval training
• Swimming 101
• How to “really” get into the pool
• Remember water polo?
• Weights in the pool training
• Cross-train in the pool
• Training tools and technology in the water

Each week an instructor will meet with you to teach and enhance your swimming skills and then 1-2 times per week basic training on your own will provide you with the best possible results. Day and time to be scheduled with the Aquatic Center. Members only $145 for five 20-minute sessions; $180 for five 30-minute sessions.

First timers: Learn how to be comfortable in the water. Our experienced instructors offer one-on-one positive encouragement and support as they guide new swimmers through body awareness in the water, putting your face in the water, how to be in control of submerging and floating on your front or back with effective breathing control.

Stroke Technique & Specialized Swim Lessons
Day and time to be scheduled with the Aquatics Center. $145 for five 20-minute sessions, $180 for five 30-minute sessions. JCC Members only. Stroke technique lessons are scheduled with our
swim team coaches and include a comprehensive training plan for swimmers on any swim team so that champion swimmers are inevitable. We have specialized classes for children who have great fear and apprehension of the water beginning with basic water safety, our experienced instructors will guide children to feel safe and comfortable in the water as they teach them how to be confident swimmers.

Chris Duncan, the Merage JCC Aquatic Director, oversees all aspects of the JCC’s swimming programs. Chris has more than 20 years of progressively responsible experience instructing as many as 10,000 swimmers in all capacities of aquatics. Chris leads swimmers through a lifetime of swimming skills, water safety and competitive training for all ages. He provides superior instruction for adults and children who are first learning to swim and those who are mastering their stroke techniques.  Chris is a lifetime member of the America Swim Coaches Association.

Gina Duncan, Merage JCC Assistant Aquatic Director, oversees the training of all swimmers 12 and under and has put the JCC’s team in the top 5, three years in a row, for the Southern California Swimming Junior Olympics.  Gina works one-on-one in lessons with top swimmers so they become the best in the nation. Gina regularly trains the 9-12 year old group and her successes include a lifetime 10 swimmers on the USA Swimming National ranking list with 3 current JCC OC Waves swimmers added to her tally this year.

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