Reasons We Love the Aronoff Preschool


“The Aronoff Preschool is our home away from home. It’s not only a preschool, it’s our community. Our girls are lucky to have had the opportunity to spend their first years in a loving and vibrant Jewish environment. And, my husband and I are lucky to have had the opportunity to meet so many amazing families and friends.”

-Stephanie Mitchell


"There is nothing better than hearing my kids singing blessings on Shabbat, looking forwards to celebrating the holidays and talking about topics like Tzedaka and tikkun olam. The JCC not only instilled in my son a love for learning but also a strong sense of Jewish values"

Gali Elkayam


“We feel so comfortable with our daughter at Camp Yeladim; knowing that she is under the best care and supervision made the transition back to work much easier, not to mention all the fun activities that happen every day at summer camp!”

-Greg and Lisa Parker


Thank you for a spectacular early childhood experience for our daughter. She toddled in at 18 months speaking two- and three-word sentences and leaves a graceful and poised tri-lingual girl, reading, writing and speaking in three languages. Wow! She is very rooted in her Jewish identity too. Thank you.