Staff Directory



Dan Bernstein, MA
Title: President & CEO
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Arnold Raymon, MBA/CPA
Title: Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
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Samantha Cohen, MA
Title: Vice President of Program Services & Associate Executive Director
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Julie Holdaway, MBA
Title: Assistant Executive Director, Director of Marketing and Training
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Marcia Clark
Title: Sr. Executive Assistant to the President/CEO & Financial Aid Coordinator
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Center for Jewish Life

Mark Lazar
Title: Director of Jewish Education
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Nicole Andronescu, MA
Title: Assistant Director, Jewish Education
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Heather Zucker, BA
Title: Coordinator JCC Cares, Surveys, and Singles
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Heather Rosenblatt, BS
Title: Director of Membership Services
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Melanie Greenberg, BS
Title: Membership Sales Associate
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Janis Moisan, BS
Title: Front Desk/Customer Service Manager
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Heather Saben
Title: Customer Service and Retention Specialist
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Lori Quinlan, BS
Title: Customer Service/Front Desk Associate
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Eric & Sheila Samson Family Early Childhood Learning Center

Lisa Monette, MEd
Title: Director of the Eric & Sheila Samson Family Early Childhood Learning Center
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Tracy Northup, MA
Title: Early Childhood Learning Assistant Director, Director of Summer Camp Yeladim
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Jamie Fitzhugh
Title: Early Childhood Learning Assistant Director
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Sheila Dalva-Hornback, BS
Title: Admissions Director
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Children, Teens & Camp Programs

Audra Martin, BS
Title: Children’s Program & Camp Haverim Director
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Sydney Ross, MA
Title: Club J Director, Assistant Children & Camp Director
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Marianne Barth
Title: Children's Enrichment Coordinator
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Hilary Duran, MIB
Title: Office Manager
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Sports & Fitness

Sarah West, BA, ACSM
Title: Fitness Director
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Eddie Preisand, MS
Title: Sports & Recreation Director
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Chris Duncan
Title: Aquatics Director
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Gina Duncan, BA
Title: Assistant Aquatics Director
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Lara Navarro, BS
Title: CPR Instructor and Swim Coach
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Arts & Culture

Aliza Sable, MPA
Title: Cultural Arts Director
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Nicole Rosenson
Title: Cultural Arts Assistant Director
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Adult Programs

Geri Dorman, MS
Title: PrimeTime Adult Director
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Carolyn Mandia
Title: PrimeTime Administrative Assistant
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