Merage JCC in Israel


April 2019

Team Merage JCC (Debbie Meline, Scott Braswell, Dan Bernstein and Dana Hollander) meet with Matnas (JCC) of Kfar Yona board members and long-time JCC friends. 


From Dan:

The day we arrived Dana, Scott, Debbie and I traveled to our sister JCC , Matnas of Kfar Yona to discuss our summer teen JCC Global Teen Fellows program and meet with their board to help solidify our on going relationship with them and the state of Israel. Our JCC has always had a special connection with the state of Israel and wants to continue that tradition. The board of Kfar Yona had a dinner reception for us as we discussed continuing ways that we can work together to bring more Jewishness and Yidishkeit to our community. You will hear more about this as we will be back visiting at the end of the trip.

We then met Adrienne and Rick to take part in a JCCA program called “ 70 Faces of Israel”. Adrienne and Rick spent three days on the island of Lesbos in Greece to watch and work with the marvelous program called IsraAid in helping the thousands of refugees from many countries including Syria who have landed on their shores . This is one of the organizations that many have not heard of but speaks to the Jewish values that we live by. IsraAid goes wherever they are needed and quietly helps all , regardless of race and ethnicity . They then joined over thirty members of the JCCA board , of which Adrienne and Dana are members of to see Israel as the inspiration that it is . 



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