Maccabi Star Reporters: Features

Host families share their experiences opening their homes to Maccabi athletes and artists

By Ari Wohl, Max Miller, David Gillman, Tyler Moss & Tal Surkis

August 7, 2018


Host mom Nadine Dubery talks the joy of getting to know her host children

By Yael Berg & Maya Arenson 

August 7, 2018

While observing a basketball game at Momentous Sports Center, we met a nice lady named Nadine Dubery. She is a host mom and a volunteer. She is hosting six kids in her home: two athletes from Kfar Yona and four athletes from Toronto, as well as her son, who is also a basketball player representing Team Orange County.

Dubery told us all about how she loves being a host mom and “how it was a very special and unique experience to have such a full house."

She told us, “when the house is full, my heart is full." She has hosted three times before and still loves it and would do it again next time. She told us about all of the challenges, but how rewarding it ends up being. 

“There are a lot of logistics regarding transportation and making sure everyone is up early," she said. But, the positives and joys of hosting always seem to outweigh the negatives.

Dubery enjoys welcoming all of the young, polite and respectful people into her home. She also enjoys meeting them and getting to know them.

Throughout her whole Maccabi experience she has been “really amazed at the organization and coordination and very hard work of the Maccabi Steering Committee. Their tremendous efforts have really paid off," she said. Dubery said she is proud to be a part of the incredibly strong Jewish community of Orange County.