Mazel tov: Merage JCC’s Camp Haverim gets an A+

Published Wednesday, May 1, 2019



Out of hundred (and hundreds!) of summer camps in Orange County, only eight have ACA (American Camp Association) accreditation, including Camp Haverim. ACA accreditation is a very big deal as camps are required to maintain a rigorous level of safety standards.

 “Safety and security are our number one priorities, bar none. It is not enough to meet ACA exacting standards, we surpass them. Each and every year,” says Audra Martin, Director of the Merage JCC’s Camp Haverim and children’s programs. “We work hard for the A+ ACA grade and are tremendously proud of Camp Haverim.”

The American Camp Association (ACA) is a national program advocating for safe and healthy camps. Getting and maintaining ACA accreditation is an arduous process. Onsite visits occur every three years and accreditation is then re-approved annually with proven continued compliance as evidenced by an annual accreditation report.

Dedicated to ACA accreditation standards, Audra serves as a local site visitor, working with and auditing other So Cal camps. 

In a bit more detail, here is what ACA accreditation means:

  • Assurance that our camp complies with 300 health, safety, and program quality standards and has regular, independent health and safety audits of Camp Haverim. We go great lengths to ensure we pass all ACA tests each and every year!
  • A way to manage specific camp risk areas, evaluates practices, and develops critical thinking skills in camp administration and staff.

ACA accreditation demonstrates that our Camp Haverim continually seeks expert counsel. ACA standards are the result of collaboration and review by experts from many fields -- risk management, child development, aquatics, and health care. The American Academy of Pediatrics, American Red Cross, and other national experts continually work with ACA to improve our standards and serve as a resource to ensure our excellence.