Ride for the Living

Published Monday, July 1, 2019


Ride for the Living, Merage JCC participants


44 Merage JCC members simulated the 55-mile ride from the gates of Auschwitz to the courtyard of the Krakow JCC. Ours was one of 20 JCCs around the world to host a satellite “Ride for the Living” – an initiative of the Krakow JCC to remember the victims of the Holocaust and increase awareness about Poland’s Jewish community today. The ride was led by three of our outstanding spin instructors, including Catie Chase, the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors, who reinforced the responsibility we all have to carry on the legacy of those who died. The biggest inspiration came from our longtime member Henry Kress, an Auschwitz survivor, who – after getting an ovation – rode along with us, symbolizing the endurance of the human spirit.


The participants raised over $1000 to support JCC Krakow’s efforts to rebuild a strong Jewish community in Poland.