28 Days to a healthy you: detox, lose weight, get fit

You thought detox was just a lot of juices and cleanse? Not so, not with the JCC's 28 Days to a Healthy You program. 28 Days is flexible and sensible, fitting in with your busy lifestyle.

There's no starving or voodoo involved. Eat right each day with the help of our nutrition/detox system and experienced nutritionist, and workout with our professional trainers.

Next sessions September 2016

Open to JCC members and to the public


Proven Success

  • 15-25 lbs of weight loss per person
  • More energy
  • Sleep better
  • Better digestion

Real People, Real Stories

The 30-day cleanse detox was a great jump start to get me back on track to healthier eating and living.  Both the nutrition and expertise components were informative and motivating. The camaraderie of other moms who signed up helped a lot too since we were "in it together." I'm glad I did it and have incorporated much of what I leaned into my everyday life since.  
- Cindy Muchnick, lost 14 pounds

I learned more about nutrition in our three short group sessions than I have in 59 years. - Jim Percival

The detox program put me in control of my eating habits (instead of the other way around) in a very easy, healthy way in just two weeks. This is a terrific life-learning program.  - Mary Westbrook

28 Days to a Healthy You

  • Nutrition/Detox kit
  • Interactive Sunday nutrition sessions
  • Nutritional Coaching with Risa Groux, CN
  • Personalized workouts with our professional trainers

For more information, contact the Jason Meyers, Athletic/ Health & Wellness Director, at (949)435-3400 ext. 266 or email