Personal Trainers


Meet Our Trainers 

Yossi Alter, AAAI, ISMA CPT

Yossi is a native of Israel, father of two and a grandfather.  He specializes in one-on-one personal training, small group training, endurance training, triathlons, and marathons.  He has completed 24 marathons and raced in over triathlons including the Iron Man Triathlon World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. Contact Yossi at

“Change starts with you, but it doesn’t start until you do.”


Shahar Ben-Abraham, Long Beach Dance Conditioning Pilates; Tamar Tsachi Pilates; B.A. Dance

Shahar specializes in Reformer, Cadillac, chair and barrel Pilates; one-on-one training; core and postural training.  Shahar believes Pilates will lead clients to a path of physical and mental wellness.  With a positive and supportive attitude, she gives her clients effective workouts with a focus on better movement and form. Contact Shahar at

“Everyone is the architect of their own  happiness.”


Sigal Ben-Ad, B.A.  Exercise Physiology, AFFA, PT, BASI

Sigal is a graduate of Wingate University and has over 40 years of experience in the sports industry.  With a passion for Personal Training and Pilates, she loves to educate and inspire people to have a healthy and active lifestyle.  Sigal cares deeply about creating meaningful relationships with her clients. Contact Sigal at

"In the absence of a challenge, there is a comfort. In the presence of comfort, there is no change." 


Lucas Black, OCC Fitness and Nutrition Specialist

Lucas specializes in endurance and strength training, athlete specific training and functional training.

Lucas' interest in training was developed while playing pro beach volleyball. He now applies his training, nutritional and rehab knowledge, earned while playing, to help JCC clients succeed. Contact Lucas at

“Don’t talk about it. Be about it.”


Michelle Drysdale, AFAA Certified Personal Trainer, AFAA Certified Group Exercise

Michelle specializes in endurance and strength training, small group and functional training. She has over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry. She trains the body for how it is meant to move using a variety of fun, functional, and safe fitness techniques. Contact Michelle at

"The squat is the perfect analogy for life.  It's about standing back up after something heavy takes you down."


Debbie Fox, OCC Fitness Specialist, Schwinn Cycle, Cross Fit, TRX®

Debbie specializes in pre- and post-natal, rehabilitation, cross-training.

As a mother of triplets, Debbie knows what it’s like to juggle. She has run 15 marathons and believes fitness is contagious! Contact Debbie at

"If you push me towards something that you think is a weakness,  then I will turn that perceived weakness into a strength!”


Tony Hardridge, NASM, PES Strength, and Conditioning Coach, M.S. Exercise Science; Precision Nutrition Certified

Tony was a world-class powerlifter, winning 6 national championships.  He specializes in sports specific strength and conditioning as well as weight loss.  He believes everyone, at all levels of fitness, can benefit from getting stronger.  Correct form and proper positioning is the key to a stronger core and achieving goals without setbacks. Contact Tony at

“Challenge your limits and see your goals appear.  Hard effort produces lasting results.”


Shane Johnston, Cooper Institute, CPT, Egoscue®, OCC Nutrition Specialist

Shane specializes in endurance and strength training, small group training, stabilization, and functional training.

A San Diego native, and father of three,  Shane entered the health, fitness and nutrition fields with a strong desire to help people be the best they can be in life and in sports.  Contact Shane at

“Make YOU a priority and good things will happen.”


Angel Luna, ACE, CPT, OCC Nutrition & Fitness Specialist

Personal challenges have made Angel uniquely aware of the importance of fitness and mobility. It’s his goal to help others optimize their physical abilities and improve their lives.

Angel specializes in one-on-one training, special populations, stabilization, and functional training. Contact Angel at

“Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.”


Andi Modlin, AFFA, CPT, GFI, SCW MAT Pilates

Andi is from South Africa where she was a competitive figure skater and 3 times national champion. She believes a strong core is a key element for a healthy and functional body and life.

Andi specializes in: one-on-one personal training, small group training, special populations. Contact Andi at

“I love helping people live healthier, fit lives"


Henry Montgomery, B.S., NASM, CPT, A.O.S— Health & Fitness

Specializes in endurance and strength training, athlete specific training, and functional training.

Henry challenges his clients with creative forms of exercise while helping them attain their goals. Outside of training, Henry is a national level physique competitor and commercial model. Contact Henry at

"When I lost my excuses, I found my results"


Marijane Palchikoff, Pilates and Dance Conditioning, OCC; B.A. Dance, Psychology, Melt Method

Marijane specializes in reformer, Cadillac, chair and barrel Pilates, one-on-one training and core and postural training.  Marijane was introduced to Pilates while majoring in dance at college.  The two disciplines provide her with a unique understanding of how to help clients live in a much more comfortable fit body. Contact Marijane at

“You must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change.”


Nick Spector, M.A. in Kinesiology, NASM, CPT

Nick specializes in strength training with a focus on correctional and functional training, and endurance. He puts a big emphasis on realistic goals and accountability. Nick's interest in fitness developed in college while competing in track and cross country, which motivated him to pursue his MA in Kinesiology. He was an All-American in the 5k and is now competing professionally in the marathon. 

Nick uses his knowledge of rehab and strength training to help his clients achieve their goals. Contact Nick at


Robbin Tran, M.Sc. Exercise Physiology & Nutrition; B.Sc. Kinesiology; NSCA-Personal Trainer; ACE-Health Coach; FMS-1

Robbin’s higher education path focused on human health and performance. She believes that learning and experiencing your own potentiality is artfully fulfilling. Robbin previously worked in a physical therapy clinic at a competitive Division 1 University and with older adults at a senior community center. Contact Robbin at

“Don’t wait. The time will never be just right”