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Community is our middle name.

Connecting and being active is essential.

Experience both here at the Merage JCC.




Where/What is the Movement Sanctuary


The Movement Sanctuary is a dedicated space for FUN-ctional fitness and solely accessible for TEAM OC. This space is cleaned regularly and all COVID-19 guidelines will be adhered to regularly. It’s located on our patio right off of Main Street.


Do I need to wear a mask at all times?


No.  You will need to wear a mask until you get to your designated location for the workout, and then you can remove your mask.  If you are looking for a group that keeps their masks on at all times, we will accommodate!



Do I pay for the full 8-week program or per session?


Full payment is required prior to the start of the 8-week session.



What is the minimum number of members needed to start a group?


Minimum of three (3) and a maximum of eight (8).


What if I Can't make a workout? Do I get my money back?


Unfortunately, there are no refunds. If you miss a current or future session you will be charged the full 8-week price of your session commitment.



Can people join after the 8 weeks have started?


Yes, you can join a curated or a friend group at any time. You will be charged the price of the remaining session weeks. 



What if my friends aren't members?


Well, we have a deal for them too! They can certainly join. We have a special membership deal just for them.  Rather than requiring the 1-year commitment for new members, they only need to commit to 2 months. For more information please contact Mark Pattis.






*To be sure you get the most out of our Small Group Fitness Teams experience, we ask that you agree to commit to the full eight (8) week program. However, we know that life happens, so you will be able to join a group that is currently in session and your price will be pro-rated for the weeks that you participate.