Slutzky Art Gallery

The Slutzky Art Gallery Presents: JCC School of Art Students

"Fun and Fabulous Fused Glass"

August 18–September 12, 2014

Artist Reception: Thursday, September 3, 5-7 p.m.

A Note from the Instructor:

There are many forms of glass art, fused glass is one of them. The basic idea behind fused glass is that objects can be created by melting glass in a kiln. Basically, two or more sheets of glass are placed on top of each other and heated until they fuse together into one single piece.

Once the glass is fused into one piece, it is then placed in the kiln for a second firing over a mold (draping) or onto a mold. This process is called slumping.

The process is one lesson (about 3 hours) for the student to put together their piece and roughly two weeks to return the pieces to the artists after the firings.

The Slutzky Art Gallery is proud to debut a collaboration of work representing the wonderfully talented JCC School of Arts students.

The program is relatively new to the J, and most of the pieces you are seeing are done by "first time glass artists" which is what makes each piece so unique.

Artists Call 2015

The Slutzky Art Gallery located at the Merage Jewish Community Center seeks artists of all disciplines - including but not limited to - painting, printmaking, drawing, photography, sculpture and ceramics, for our 2015 calendar.

The JCC Slutzky Art Gallery's mission is to promote quality Jewish art and artists. We are looking for artists that involve Jewish content within their work or are inspired by Jewish values and concepts.

For more information or to apply, please contact Sandra Hodgkins at (949) 435-3400 ext. 161 or

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