Slutzky Art Gallery

Hamasa, "The Journey"

Brook Sendele


Artist's Statement

One day in art class I displayed a drawing that was comprised of Jewish images, Hebrew words, and religious symbolism. I didn't expect my classmates to understand the drawing completely, but I definitely did not expect my professor to say, "Wow, that's colorful and bright, I thought all Jewish art was just Holocaust art." I responded with, "Well, I want to show what Judaism is, not just who's tried to kill us." It was then that I realized I had found my calling in art. I began working to create vibrant, relevant drawings that personified Jewish belief, culture, and practice. My calling became more specific when I discovered the Hamsa. I began to include it in a lot of my drawings because it is a beautiful symbol of God's everlasting protection over the Jewish people. My goal is that this art will be a kiddush Hashem to Jews and non-Jews alike, and that it will portray Judaism in a unique, inspiring, and positive light. 


Artist's Bio

Brooke Sendele is a recent graduate of Arizona State University. She received her BFA in Art with an emphasis in Drawing in May 2013. Between 2011 and 2013, Brooke worked as an elementary school art teacher in Phoenix, Arizona and Irvine, California. She now teaches art privately and in the preschool circuit. She is currently living in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband and is focusing on building a portfolio of modern Jewish art.

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