Slutzky Art Gallery

Rough Around the Edges: Inspirations in Paper by Ronni Jolles


Ronni Jolles is a Washington DC based artist, who has created a new body of Judaic work. Jolles has tapped into her deepest feelings to create a powerful exhibit, giving the viewer an intimate journey into her experiences and responses to Judaism.  The subject matter of her works includes the Jewish Holidays, Jerusalem & Israel, life cycle events, and inspiring scenes of nature.

The power of this series is partly due to the art form that Jolles has created.  Jolles uses hundreds of kinds of handmade paper – gathered from all over the world – and that is the primary medium that Jolles uses to create these works.  The power is also the subject matter:  “I’m tapping into different elements of Judaism and Jewish culture – moments or scenes that have affected me.  With layered papers as my mode of expression, this work captures the essence of those feelings.



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