Slutzky Art Gallery

Parsha Posters: The book of Exodus
by Hillel Smith

 This exhibit is a series of posters graphically illustrating the weekly Torah portions from the second book of the Torah, Exodus. The posters utilize innovative Hebrew typography and a bold, graphic aesthetic to tell Biblical stories in a new way. Each one integrates the Hebrew name of the Torah portion into the illustration. 

Posters are available for purchase for $36 (unframed). Each poster is 11”x17”

About the artist: Hillel Smith

In his work, Hillel tries to re-imagine the potential of Judaica by utilizing contemporary media techniques like spray paint stenciling and digital rendering to create new manifestations of traditional forms. He takes influence from incongruous places, combining disparate elements — old and new, sacred and profane, high and low — into an unexpected whole. His aim is to create thoroughly modern work that is both true to and reverent of the source material and relevant and compelling today.



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