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JCC Global Teen Fellows

The Merage JCC is a proud participant in the JCC Global initiative Amitim, along with our two sister JCCs Kfar Yona, Israel and Mexico City, Mexico. The JCC Global Teen Fellows program grew out of this global initiative, to strengthen international ties and Jewish peoplehood.  Beginning in December, we brought together 21 Orange County teens ages 14 to 17, and their families to learn about Jewish peoplehood, family, communal and cultural histories. In June, our teens traveled to Mexico City, meeting their fellow counterparts and engaging in activities that helped to explore the commonalities in our Jewish identity.

This exhibit is designed to share with you the impact and importance of this program on our Jewish community.




Thank you to Doris Chasin, the Jewish Federation and Family Services and the Jewish Community Foundation of Orange County for their support of this program. 


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