Bernstein Family



Our son, Blaze, had a passion for cooking. The seed was planted at a very young age, when Blaze would cook for Shabbat and other meals with his mom in the kitchen. He was adept at chemistry and loved great food.  So the idea of fusing ingredients with a heightened level of creativity to produce something delicious that would make people happy was quite rewarding for him.  Blaze was special because he knew how to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary with most hobbies he pursued.  This manifested itself in him making incredible treats from home-made candy corn, to father’s day treats like delicious scones with hand-picked mint from his own herb garden. At the University of Pennsylvania (Penn), Blaze pursued a passion for writing and food. He was part of the team at the Kelly Writers House that produced a semi-annual magazine called Penn Appetite.  Its no surprise that he was selected at Managing Editor for the publication.  He was also named as copy editor for a Penn cookbook aptly named Whisk, which was published in 2018 after his death.  We want the Culinary School to carry Blaze’s name to inspire children and adults of all ages to pursue their passion and find happiness in something that we know was close to our son’s heart.  He was a product of the JCC and our community and we hope to #BlazeItForward and create more passionate chefs who get pleasure from delighting others with their creations.  

-- Gideon Bernstein  and Jeanne Pepper




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