Blaze Bernstein School of Culinary Arts


 We get inspiration from our Jewish history and traditions, mothers and “Bubbes”, as well as the latest trends in food to bring you tasty classes that encourage you to cook, eat and sometimes bring home a few treats. 

Our cooking classes are bustling throughout the week with instructive cooking classes held (nearly) daily for children, teens and adults. Once a month, you’ll see families gather to prepare holiday menus, decorate treats and enjoy Jewish traditions, and other times you’ll see groups gathered to stir together traditional challahs for family meals. Our intimate, hands-on classes are an ideal place for beginners as well as experienced cooks to gather fresh flavors, play with culinary innovations and improve their cooking skills.

Our state-of-the-art teaching kitchen is equipped with a convection wall oven, as well as a steam oven, gas cooktop, and the latest and greatest in cooking appliances, tools and toys.

Under the direction of Chef Liron, our members and community come together to cook, eat, laugh and learn in our festive and informative cooking classes.

Classes are limited in size to allow for hands-on instruction. All skill levels welcome. 

Kashrut Policy: the Jewish dietary laws of kashrut are observed in our teaching kitchen where there is a strict separation of meat and dairy foods. It is a Kosher kitchen without official Rabbinical supervision or a “mashgiach,” that maintains separate supplies and equipment, and only certified kosher ingredients are used.

Allergens:  Food items used in the teaching kitchen may contain or come into contact with wheat, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, milk and fish.


Blaze Bernstein School of Culinary Arts

Blaze had a passion for cooking. The seed was planted at a very young age, when Blaze would cook for Shabbat and other meals with his mom. He was adept at chemistry and loved great food. His family wanted the culinary school to carry Blaze’s name to inspire children and adults of all ages to pursue their passion and find happiness in something that was close to their son’s heart. #BlazeItForward
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Stern Family Teaching Kitchen

Our newly constructed kitchen is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and offers both dairy and meat cooking classes. The space will be configured for instructive and interactive cooking classes, as well as holiday cooking workshops and guest chef seminars. It is a place where people come together to cook, eat, laugh, learn and to build community.


If you have any questions contact Chef Liron Herzog at: