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Documenting History Through Art

The story of Jewish destruction, survival and renewal as seen through the images of the artist, David Labkovski .

About the artist: David Labkovski

Born in Lithuania in 1906 and schooled in fine art, Labkovski produced hundreds of works in oils, pen and ink, and pencil and acrylic that documented his life – a Jewish life in Eastern Europe before, during and after World War 2. The works reflect daily life in the predominantly Jewish town of Vilna, Lithuania, before the Holocaust; his second period is of his time spent in a Siberian prison camp, followed by life after the war in Vilna where he found the Jewish community had been decimated; and his final period of his life after immigrating to Israel.       

Educator, artist and speaker Leora Raikin has made it her life’s mission to exhibit her great-uncle’s art work around the globe and has developed the David Labkovski Project, an educational program that teaches students about Eastern European life before, during and after the Holocaust, through his art. Using a multidisciplinary program of creative writing, art, history, and social studies, the Project allows young people to curate Labkovski’s work into an exhibition that teaches about life lessons, survival and the Holocaust. The purpose is to teach students the importance of bearing witness to history, and understanding the cruelties of totalitarian leaders of the 20th century.         

The David Labkovski Project has been piloted in middle schools, high schools and colleges with Jewish and non-Jewish students and plans are being made to expand it nationwide and continue Labkovski’s lifelong mission of bearing witness


Exhibit runs October 26- December 22

Official Exhibit Opening Reception: Wednesday, November 8th at 7pm

(Generous funding provided by Irving & Nancy Chase)


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