December 10-18, 2020
25 Kislev - 3 Tevet 5781
(first candle: Dec. 10 at sundown)

Chanukah is an eight-day holiday that celebrates the rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem by the Maccabees (Jewish army) after its defilement by the Syrian Greeks in 164 BCE. Traditionally, foods fried in oil are eaten to commemorate the miracle of the oil used to light the Menorah in the Temple lasting not just one day as per the amount of oil available, but for 8 days.  



Blessings for kindling the Chanukah lights
First night: blessings 1, 2 & 3
Nights 2-8: blessings 1 & 2

Candles are placed from right to left but lit from left to right




Looking for printable Chanukah prayers? Click here