Kfar Yona: Our Sister "Matnas"



About Kfar Yona:

  • Established in 1932 on lands purchased in 1928
  • 12,000 acres in the central district of Israel
  • Located just 7 kilometers east of the city of Netanya
  • Named for the president of the Belgian Zionist Movement Jean (Yona) Fisher who immigrated to Israel in 1927
    (Yona Fisher’s younger brother Joshua and his son Maurice founded Kfar Yona in his memory)
  • Current population is estimated at just over 23,000

Our Partnership:

Our partnership with the Matnas (JCC) of Kfar Yona was established in 2008 as a way for our community to develop personal connections to the Land of Israel and its people. Our board and staff members have visited Kfar Yona through the numerous delegations sent to Israel over the past 10 years. These trips and experiences have helped solidify our partnership and continue our efforts to go from strength to strength.

In 2011, forty of our JCC teens traveled to Israel to compete in the Maccabi Games and were hosted in the homes of Kfar Yona families. In 2013, when the JCC Maccabi Games and ArtsFest were hosted here in Orange County, Kfar Yona brought thirty teen athletes, artists and chaperones to join Team OC for this historical community event.

In October 2014,  JCC Cares visited Kfar Yona as part of their mission to Israel. Part of their visit included a joint community service project with members of the Kfar Yona community.  

In 2015, we extended our partnership globally, launching the JCC Global Teen Fellows. Each summer, our local teens connect with peers from the matnas in Kfar yona traveling together, enjoying home hospitality in each locale, and learning about Jewish history and culture. Together the teens experience Jewish Peoplehood, expand their world through global connections and develop a foundation for becoming community leaders, as well as havea ton of fun and adventures. 

Current Partnership News

March 2018 JCC staff and board members met at Kfar Yona to further explore this special relationship. Future plans include increasing staff and board interactions between both organizations, exchanging scholars-in-residence, developing opportunities to make the relationship "real" and tangible to our members and community by way of utilizing digital resources and employing concierge services for visitors to experience their sister communities when traveling to our respective communities. 


  1. Municipality website: (in Hebrew)
  2. Kfar Yona JCC website: (in Hebrew)
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