Group Exercise Class Descriptions


Mind/Body/Core Classes

Vinyasa/Morning/Candlelit/ Flow Yoga This style of yoga links breathing and movement through a nimble sequence of Sun Salutations and postures. The smooth, continuous flow deepens breathing, increases endurance, and will improve balance and flexibility. 

Pilates Mat/Fusion/Advanced Develop core strength, flexibility, and muscular endurance while focusing on proper breathing and posture. Intermediate/Advanced Mat and Pilates Fusion are at a faster pace with a higher level of difficulty.

MELT®/Advanced This class utilizes custom MELT balls and rollers to help massage away tightness caused by injury or stress. The MELT method system will improve flexibility, mobility, and posture while reducing aches, pains, and tension. Advanced MELT participants should have a minimum of 6 months experience

Gentle Yoga Students are guided through a gentle series of yoga postures that will increase flexibility, improve circulation and cultivate more energy. Please bring a yoga mat to class, as this is held in the senior center.

Ashtanga Yoga The practice of a set sequence of postures which are linked together with deep breathing and strong mental focus. It is a moving meditation that helps bring harmony to the body and mind. This class combines Breath Control exercises, Meditation and Physical practice. 

Power Flow Yoga A fitness-based vinyasa style yoga class focused on linking breath to movement. Students will build strength, flexibility, balance, and concentration while cleansing the body and calming the mind. Be ready to sweat! All levels welcome. 

Dance Classes

ZUMBA® is an exhilarating, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance party featuring exotic rhythms set to high-energy Latin and international beats.

Barre Blast A high energy barre class that targets your core and emphasizes proper alignment all the while moving and grooving to fun and upbeat music.


Aqua Aerobics When you’re ready for a little bit more than the Low Impact aqua class, bring your fitness to the next level with more challenging strength/cardio exercises.

Aqua Deck Fitness Dry-land training to supplement water resistance movements in the pool. The class focuses on general fitness, stretching and toning. A great supplement to aqua aerobics

Aqua Blast  A High intensity, full body workout that focuses on toning, tightening and strengthening your muscles by working against the water's resistance. A great class for athletes of all abilities. 

Low Impact Aqua Aerobics Increase your strength, flexibility and aerobic conditioning through water resistance without experiencing joint stress. This class is great for anyone recovering from injury or with arthritis or osteoporosis.


Solid Core Strengthen and tone your midsection all the way from your glutes to your shoulders in this 30-minute core-blasting class.

The Burn A high energy mix of cardiovascular and strength exercises primarily using dumbbells and bodyweight. Adaptable for all fitness levels.

Abs, Arms & Booty If you want to tone your arms, abs and derriere, this class is for you! Utilizing resistance bands, free weights and your own body weight, Michelle will help you see changes where it counts.

R.I.S.E/PLUS Take your training to a new level! A high energy body conditioning class incorporating resistance, interval, strength, and endurance training. PLUS adds a little more cardio and plyometrics.

Fitcore Maximize your workout with this cardio intensive and core combo class. It's a full body, muscle toning workout.

Wake Me Up Get ready to wake up and work! This class utilizes the basics of core and strength training to create circuits that will engage the whole body. Check in at the Fitness Desk to see where the class will be held that day. 

Functional Movement By incorporating variables like weight stability and time under tension, you will see improvements in your body’s mechanics giving you the tools you need to get stronger.

Cardiovascular Classes

Energy Sculpt Get that heart pumping with 15 minutes of active, dynamic movement, 15 minutes of free weights, toning every major muscle group, and 15 minutes of high energy mind/body inspired core work. All Levels encouraged.

Performance Ride Whether you’re just in it for the ride, training for an event or want to test your fitness level, this class is for you. Daniel will lead you through hills, interval training and speed and power work so you are faster and stronger than when you woke up.

Cycle & Sculpt Lose yourself while riding to the beat in this interval based ride. With the addition of choreography combined with a few breaks for arm series, it is a complete workout for the body and mind. All levels welcome.

Ride & Grind This class simulates a ride on the open road with sprints, climbs, intervals and constantly changing RPMs. Set to high energy music, this class will challenge even the most seasoned rider! All levels welcome.

Rock N'Ride A rockin' ride that infuses classic music of all varieties into this fun yet challenging workout. Get ready to rock out!

Cardio Kickboxing Incorporates classic kickboxing techniques into a fastpaced cardio workout. With this high energy workout, you'll burn calories, build muscles and have some fun!

Warrior Ride Tough it out in this high intensity, calorie torching class where you are pushed to your limits! Hung makes sure you don’t get left behind by coaching you through steep hills and timed intervals that get your heart pounding.

Flashback Friday Come and dance on your bike with this class set to your favorite tunes from the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s. Don’t forget to wear your favorite throwback gear, Trish always does!

R-evolution An energetic and motivating environment with constant progression. Shana takes you through a variety of skills and drills that help build endurance, strength and cardio fitness. Stay focused and you will see results!