Jr. Maccabi News

Rain or shine, we had an excellent experience at the 2019 Jr. Maccabi Games!

The journalism team captured over 1,000 pictures at Sunday’s event. Click here to check out the top photos by our Star Reporters: Regan, Emma, Lev, Orly, Jessica, Myli, Meital, Maya.

Despite the rain, we had 100 participants, ages 5 to 11 years old gathering to celebrate Jewish culture, community and fun with the ruach (spirit) and rachmanus (sportsmanship) that are strongly aligned with the Maccabi experience. Our journalists, the Jr. Maccabi Star Reporters, also captured some great interviews:

“The Jr. Maccabi Games is one of the best events that we host here at the Merage JCC. We are fortunate to have a strong Maccabi culture and an opportunity to engage children of Southern California in a day of sports, arts, competition and camaraderie” said Scott Braswell, Assistant Executive Director & Vice President.

“I loved journalism.” said Jessica, one of our Star Reporters.

Sophia, an 8-year-old dancer in Irvine “loves being with friends doing new things."

“We each have our own personality to share” said Talia, an athlete from Tustin.

The Star Reporters also interviewed Coach Joey who said his favorite part of Jr. Maccabi is “the kids.”

”My son had the best day connecting with other Jewish kids and sharpening his skills.” said one of the athlete’s parents.

The 2019 Southern California Jr. Maccabi Games is built on the foundation of these 6 Midot:  1. Kavod (Respect), 2. Tikkun Olam (Repairing the World-Justice), 3. K’llal Yisrael (Peoplehood), 4. G’eavah (Pride), 5. Simcha (Joy), and 6. Rachmanut/Rachmanus (Compassion).



Our intrepid Star Reporters caught up with Maccabi soccer just in time to capture this powerful move on the field. 


In between Maccabi Games and workshops, all the participants participated in JCC Cares, community service projects. Special guests included furry friends - puppy dogs. The Maccabi kids made custom dog toys for shelter dogs.


Celebrating Maccabi midot with Coach Eddie: respect, tikkun olam (caring for the world), compassion, joy, peoplehood, pride and respect.


Swimmers from all over Southern California dove in, making a splash for Jr. Maccabi!


Basketball was one of our most popular sports this year. The Star Reporters caught these athletes doing drills and going for the gold.


Star Reporters included: Lev (10), Regan (8), Emma (9), Orly (9), Jessica (8), Mylie (9), Meital (9), Maya (8), and Coach Kaitlyn